Are blue light glasses helpful in solving your eye problems?


Witnessing dry eyes and mild headaches are the sign that you are getting implicated by the blue light radiated from the natural and artificial ways. Avoiding such negative aspects of blue light can lead to severe problems in an individual's overall health. The most helpful way to solve the problem of digital eye strain, dry eyes, mild headaches, sleep disruption is the blue light blocking glasses, often known as computer glasses. They are the best way to eradicate eye strain and give you sound sleep. Let's explore some more facts about blue light glasses. 

What are blue light glasses? 

Smartphones, tabs, and laptops are becoming more and more vital in our day-to-day lives, increasing our exposure to blue light. Unfortunately, eyes are the delicate parts of one's body that are not efficient in handling the harmful effects of blue light. Therefore, researchers recommend that one must select blue-light-blocking glasses when one has to struggle with digital devices. Their unique design obstructs the harmful blue light rays reaching our eyes, thereby decreasing eye pressure. You can find innumerable stylish blue light glasses from online stores. Check out the stores to buy one for yourself! 

Do blue light glasses work? 

Probably yes, blue light protection glasses can help diminish the amount of harmful light reaching the eyes. As we know, blue light in the spectrum has a shorter wavelength, approximately 400–500 nanometers (nm). The manufacturers of blue light glasses claim that these glasses are specially crafted to block light with a shorter wavelength.

Various studies have revealed that using blue light glasses before bed can improve the quality of sleep. In addition, different users of blue light glasses showed that headaches are reduced after they start to wear blue light protection glasses. Apart from this, you can change a few lifestyle habits to solve eye issues completely. For example, you can rehearse moistening up your eyes after a few hours, try to avoid digital devices when you are about to sleep, and give your eyes a break after prolonged hours of work to get rid of eye strain.

When should you purchase blue light glasses for your eyes? 

The answer to this question is relatively easy if you feel your eye stress increases day by day, making it difficult to do your work comfortably. Then it's time to get help by using blue light glasses. As mentioned earlier, they are effective in treating the harmful effects of blue light. However, if you are still confused about when you need to purchase a computer glass for your eyes, here we have curated a list of symptoms that can be serious if prevailed for a long time. 

  • Periodic sessions of eyestrain
  • Eye Strain That Persists For Days
  • Prolonged, Frequent Symptoms Of Dry Eye
  • Reduction In Your Vision Quality Or Blurred Vision
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Sleep Disturbance 
  • Eye-watering Or Eye Redness

Assorted researchers have revealed that there are more harmful causes of blue light. For example, after very long hours of blue light exposure, you might find it difficult to recognize things as the blue light can damage the innermost layer of the eye - retina. 

The Bottom Line. 

Spending a little to purchase blue light protection glasses is far better than having a severe ailment of your eyes. There are many companies out there that can manufacture prescription glasses with blue light-filtering lenses. Some of the blue light glasses accessible in the market are - Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Glasses, Felix Gray Turning Glasses, Hi-Vision BlueControl, Zeiss DuraVision, BlueProtect UV, Crizal Prevencia, and many more. So go and get yours today! More