Blue Light Glasses: Why are they so Popular?

We use blue light glasses to reduce the side effects of blue light. Much research is conducted on this hot topic. It has become a hot topic because we use screens for work. Data shows that average office employees spend 1700 hours per year in front of computer screens.


It is also interesting to know that research is not in favor of the idea that it cures digital eye strain symptoms. The digital eye strain symptoms such as blurred vision, headaches, or dry eyes.


Scientific Looks at Blue Light Glasses



Vivienne Sinh Hau, MD, an ophthalmologist at Kaiser Permanente in Riverside, California, says, "There haven't been any scientific studies that have proven they have any sort of health benefits." It helps to relieve eyestrain.


A small study published in Optometry and Vision Science in January 2019, also said, "While blue-blocking filters on computers reduce wavelengths between 400 and 500 nanometers by 99 percent, they are less effective than neutral filters at reducing digital eye strain symptoms." Studies also show that blue light is not responsible for digital eye strain. Blue light glasses reduce digital eye strain.


Lauren Branchini, MD, an ophthalmologist at UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester, Massachusetts, says, "The screen-related issues that people are having with their eyes are indeed more likely related to dry eyes, eyestrain, and things like that."


Causes of Digital Eye Strain 


We experience dry and tired eyes or blurry vision when we play video games with friends or work on a laptop or PC. It is a primary symptom of a digital eye strain. Studies show that 60% of Americans experience digital eye strain. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, the primary reason for eye strain is the lack of blinking eyes when we view screens and overexposure to blue light from screens.


Blue light also affects our sleep patterns. It is necessary to avoid watching the screens of phones or laptops late at night. It disturbs your sleep routine. Regular exposure to blue light is not good for our eyes. There are multiple reasons for digital eye strain, but the major is blue light.


More Uses of Computer


COVID-19 pandemic changes many things, such as digital devices. People start work from home, and they use a computer. They use digital devices for a long time, doing video chatting and watching TV for entertainment. Various online activities increase eye problems. It is necessary to use computer glasses.


According to reports from Vision Council, more than 80% of American adults use a digital device for more than two hours a day, and almost 67% use two devices at once. When we use devices for a long time, there are effects on the eyes. Digital eye strain affects more people, so the use of blue light glasses is more. Blue light-blocking glasses reduce digital eye strain.


Can Blue Light Blocking Glasses Help?



Blue light glasses completely prevented blue light. It blocked a range of wavelengths radiated by devices. Computer glasses help in controlling glare and reduce eyestrain. It also helps in feeling refreshed after viewing screens for long hours. When we use digital devices, there is a need to reduce eyestrain. Clarté Blue Light Glasses is an effective way to reduce digital eye strain.


A blue-light filter is fitted to the lenses of blue-light glasses. We get light waves from phones, laptops, and tablets. Blue light increases attention and helps in wakefulness during the day. It also represses the natural production of melatonin at night. When we can reduce blue light exposure to 20%, it helps in better sleep. It also reduces retinal damage.


Eye strain symptoms are the result of interacting with our devices in a bad way. The eyes become drier because when we look at a screen of a tablet, PC, laptop, or device, we don't blink our eyes, so our eyes become drier. It is necessary to put the screen two feet away from your face. 


Advantages of Using Blue Light Glasses


It is necessary to use blue-light-blocking glasses to reduce digital eye strain. We use it to control harmful lights so that our eyes can easily work. Here we also check more benefits of computer glasses.


Sleep Quality 



Blue light glasses help in various ways. It helps to get sleep. Applied Psychology collected data from 63 managers. It is interesting to know that blue light glasses improve sleep quality and quantity. It also enhances work quality.


A small study published in the Journal of Psychiatric Research in January 2019 said that when we wear amber-tinted blue light glasses for two hours, it improves sleep and especially insomnia. It also helps to fall asleep fast and get high-quality sleep at night. Studies show that these glasses reduce the suppression of the sleep-promoting hormone, melatonin.


According to the Cleveland Clinic, these glasses have specific lenses that easily block or filter light. It also protects your retina from various damages. It also has specially designed blue light glasses to provide relief from side effects.




Computer glasses reduce our headaches. It is effective for headaches from eye strains. We can use blue-light-blocking glasses to reduce eyestrain, headache, and tiredness. It is necessary to buy high-quality glasses.


Wrap Up 


Blue light glasses help in blocking blue lights. It reduces adverse effects on the eyes. When we use computer glasses, it helps in reducing digital eye strain. We can use anti-glare lenses to make our eyes more comfortable while working. It is crucial to buy high-quality blue light glasses. This lens also relieves our headaches and feels fresh during work.