Blue Light Glasses – Your Protection Layer In The Digital World 

In today’s world of digital gadgets, we are literally surrounded by digital products. And, with each one of them, we are adding more screen time to our lives. Even though the technology is progressing fast and the screens today come with much protection, we are yet to have in-built technology that will prevent the screens from emitting blue light or blue rays. If you are to consult an ophthalmologist, you will know how much harm the blue light can cause to our eyes. Hence, having blue light glasses has become a necessity, especially for those who have to spend most part of their waking hours looking at one screen or another. 

So, let’s find out more about blue light and how the blue-light-blocking glasses can give you relief from the negative impacts. 

What are the primary sources of blue light? 

Before you get some protection, you should know the source of the blue light. Here is a list of some of the most commonly used digital and electronic devices that give out blue light. 

  • Television – We have high-definition televisions in our homes today. There are no more CRT monitors. However, this latest LCD and LED screens are a significant source of blue light. 
  • Smartphones – There is hardly a soul on this planet today who can afford to use a mobile phone and is still not using a smartphone. Those large screens have definitely made our lives a lot easier and made entertainment mobile. But, with it, the blue light exposure has also increased exponentially. 
  • Computer monitors – Be it a laptop or a desktop or any form of computer, your computer monitor is giving out blue light. And, with increased dependency on computers for every business operation, there is hardly a working person who is not looking at the computer screen for prolonged hours. It is even prevalent among kids. 
  • Tablets – Tablets are growing in popularity and adoption. With it, we are also adding yet another source of blue light to our lives. 
  • Besides these, there are numerous other large and small devices with screens that give out blue light. This has increased the need to get blue light glasses to protect your precious vision. 
  • Is blue light terrible? 
  • You might have read somewhere that blue light is necessary, and it is absolutely true. Without some exposure to blue light, we will be unable to see the color blue. Blue light also improves mood, elevates alertness, makes cognitive function better, and suppresses melatonin, which is the ‘sleepy hormone that prepares our body to get rest and thus regulates the body clock. 

However, just like anything else, overexposure to blue light can cause significant problems. Today we are facing just that! 

Adverse effects of blue light 

How do you know that blue light is affecting you negatively? There are a few apparent symptoms that will let you understand. Overexposure and prolonged exposure to blue light cause strain to your eyes. It can also cause dry eyes and burning or irritation in the eyes. You can have headaches and pain in your neck, shoulder, or back. Blurred vision can also be caused by blue light. 

How to protect from blue light overexposure? 

With the number of gadgets we have to use on a daily basis, there is no way to prevent overexposure to blue light. What we can do, however, is take a few preventive steps. Blue light glasses are a good option for everyone. You will even find blue light kids glasses, and they are essential for your children since they have to spend long hours in front of the computer to do assignments and projects or attend online classes. Kids are also more likely to engage in long hours of gaming. Thus, blue light protection glasses must be worn by them. 

Besides getting blue-light-blocking glasses, you can also ensure that you are giving your eyes some rest. Use the 20/20/20 rule for this. Every 20 minutes, take a 20-second break from the screen you are looking at and instead look at anything 20 feet away. This will reduce the stress on your eyes and will not let you get fatigued. 

Technology is essential and critical. However, we need to take steps so that we are not falling prey to the negative impacts of these technologies.