Find The Right Blue Light Glasses Online According To Your Face!

 Some people who purchase blue-light-blocking glasses online have never had the good experience of choosing glasses that fit their face. Even, who have been through the experience of purchasing prescription eyeglasses are eager to forget about it and move on to effortlessly selecting the appropriate pair. 

However, purchasing Blue light glasses online demands an extensive understanding of your features and the types of spectacles that would look best on you. Nobody wants to open their newly delivered box and learn that what looked great on the model does not translate well to their face in reality. 

 Even if you're selecting glasses to wear in front of a computer to alleviate eye strain, there's no reason to overlook the design component. Blue light blocking glasses can help mitigate blue light's bad qualities. Also, it brings out the best in all of your features. Apart from providing you with the most comfortable fit and the broadest possible field of vision, your glasses also contribute to your overall style! 

When the time comes to select blue light glasses, proceed with confidence.


You'll be wearing your blue light glasses for the majority of the day, so they should be comfortable and fashionable. You don't want a beautiful frame that is too heavy on the bridge of your nose or the back of your ears, but you also don't want an unattractive pair - regardless of how comfortable they are. You must strike the proper balance between utility and aesthetics. 

When selecting glasses, determine their purpose first: 

blue light glasses for your face

Are you planning to use blue light glasses 24*7? If so, you'll want a sturdy frame that will last. Are you planning to reserve them for particular events, such as parties? Then you may like a glamorous or statement pair, or even some vibrant and colorful frames. 

Selecting the appropriate frames 

Consider your way of life. Do you work in an enclosed space? Are you an active participant in sports and outdoor activities? If this is the case, you should consider using different frames for distinct tasks. Sports frames that are resistant to the elements and built to handle knocks and bumps will protect your eyes and keep your lenses in place. 

If you work as a salesperson or front office worker, you will meet new individuals daily. Thus appearance is critical. Your glasses undoubtedly contribute to your overall appearance; therefore, selecting the appropriate blue light glasses is vital. For some, the primary attribute they look for in their structures is comfort. For example, surgeons and individuals who operate with heavy equipment require comfort to ensure they are not distracted and can concentrate on the task at hand.


Take your hair away from your face and look straight into a mirror to assess your facial shape and the ideal eyewear styles for you. Consider the form and contours of your face and head in general. 

The seven facial shapes are listed here, along with the style of spectacle frames that look best on each: 

  • Face with an oval shape 

Due to its harmonious proportions, an oval face shape is regarded as perfect. To retain the natural equilibrium of an oval face shape, use blue light glasses with the same width as (or wider than) the face's broadest region. Frames in the shape of a walnut that is not too deep or too narrow are an excellent choice. 

  • Heart-shaped face

The upper third of a heart-shaped face is broad, while the bottom third is thin. (This is sometimes referred to as a base-up triangle face form.) Choose frame forms that are broader at the bottom to lessen the perceived breadth of the topBlue light blocking glassesBlue light blocking glassesBlue light blocking glasses of the face. Additionally, thin, light-colored blue light glasses and rimless frames with a light, airy appearance are suitable options.

blue light blocking glasses

  • Face shape: oblong 

Oblong faces are long, wide, with a long, straight cheek line. To visually shorten and balance an oblong face, buy blue light glasses with a greater depth than breadth.  Frames that are ornamental or contrasting adds breadth to the face as well. 

  • Face with a square form 

A square face shape features a strong jaw and a broad forehead, with the width and length of the face being approximately equal. To lengthen and soften the angles of a square face, try narrow frame styles, frames with more width than depth, and narrow ovals. 

  • Diamond-shaped face 

Diamond-shaped faces are narrow at the brow and jawline, with solid cheekbones that can be quite prominent. This is the most unusual face shape. Consider blue light glasses with elaboration or distinct brow lines to draw attention to the eyes and soften the cheekbones. 

Additionally, rimless spectacles and blue light glasses with oval or cat-eye forms are viable options. 

  • Face with a round shape 

A round face shape has curved lines that are proportional in breadth and length and lacks abrupt angles. Consider angular, narrow spectacle frames to lengthen a round face and make it appear slimmer and longer. Clear bridge frames and rectangular frames that are broader than they are deep are other viable options. 

  • Triangle with the base at the bottom 

A triangle facial shape with a base-down profile features a small forehead and gradually widens at the cheeks and chin. 

To increase the width and emphasize the face's thin upper third, use blue light glasses with a strong emphasis on color and detailing on the frame's top half (brow). Cat-eye frames are another option.

Keep in mind that the pair of blue light glasses will vary in style, shape, and color depending on your unique type and preferences. There is never one style that is ideal for you. With that in mind, the guidance above should assist you in narrowing down your options, but ultimately, the pair of blue light blocking glasses that will make you feel the most gorgeous is up to you!