How Can Harmful Blue Light Rays Harm Your Child's Development?


With the constant access to digital devices and digital screens, the harmful blue light affects every individual. Whether for gaming purposes or studying, kids are constantly using digital devices such as tablets, smartphones, gaming devices, TVs, laptops, and e-readers. Although it is a way to promote education to your kids, it comes with exposure to harmful blue light. Have you ever thought about how the consistent bombardment of blue light affects the development of your child? If not, it's time to think about it. One of the best ways to protect your kids' health and eyes is by purchasing blue light kids glasses. But, before you rush to your nearest shop to buy glasses, make sure you read the article with a keen eye. 

Does Blue Light Affect The Development Of Children? 

 The short answer is yes. Children are at a much higher risk than adults. The reason is that kids' eyes are much more sensitive until they attain 15 years of age. Children less than 15 years of age have larger pupils and more transparent crystalline lenses. This, in turn, puts their eyes at a much higher risk than a fully grown person. 

 On top of this, we all know parents are busy with their work which makes children dependent on digital devices. The more they spend time on digital devices, the more likely they will be affected by the blue light. If you want to protect your little champs from the harmful effects of blue light, make sure you pick eyes protection glasses that fit your child's needs. 

What are the effects of blue light on kids? 

 There are a plethora of harmful effects that blue light can have on your kid. We've curated the main areas where and how blue light will affect your child's development. 

  1. Disrupt Sleep Cycle

Increased exposure to blue light can highly disrupt the sleep cycle in children. To make it clear, the human brain is signaled to produce sleep hormones when the sun goes down. When children get exposed to harmful blue light, the brain doesn't know about the time. This, in turn, suppresses the production of sleep hormones. 

When the children are exposed to digital devices in the evening and night, it directly leads to sleep disruption. Recent research has suggested that melatonin is suppressed about twice more in children. This means children are at a much higher effect of blue light. The only way to make sure your child isn't affected by the blue light is by picking up a pair of blue light protection glasses. 

  1. Learning Problems

As we have mentioned earlier, blue light exposure can result in poor quality sleep or sleep disruption. The same goes for this case. Inadequate sleep in children can highly affect their learning power. As a result, children can't perform their best academically and thus score bad grades. 

Aside from this, prolonged exposure to harmful blue light can cause changes in the kid's brain. For example, recent research has revealed that kids who use digital devices for a long time score much less than those who don't. 

So if your child is spending more than two hours on a smartphone, tablet, or computer, it's wise to get them a pair of blue light-blocking glasses. This will help them to lessen the effects of blue light. 

  1. Affects Mental Health

You might be shocked to hear that blue light exposure has increased the cases of depression, suicide, and anxiety among children. Prolonged exposure to blue light can affect the child's mental health by reducing their focus, motivation, and being irritating. 

Remember, blue light can have multiple negative impacts on a child's brain. Much more than you can ever think! If you don't want to risk your child's health, it's wise to look for the best blue light kids glasses available in the market. These glasses will minimize the blue light entering your child's eye. This, in turn, will keep their eyes as well as health safe and secure.  

  1. Affects Eye Health 

If your kid constantly complains about tired eyes, headaches, or blurry vision, blue light exposure is to be blamed. Constant exposure to blue light can affect the retina that poses maximum stress on the eyes. This can lead to eye strain, eye burning, headaches, blurry vision, trouble focusing, and tired eyes. The best way to protect your child's eye health is to get him a pair of stylish and trendy blue light protection glasses. 

Wrap up! 

Fortunately, there are an array of eyes protection glasses available in the market. You can surf the online stores to get a pair that looks stylish and keep blue light at bay. Buying blue light-blocking glasses will make sure you're improving your kids' health, mood, sleep as well as school performance.