How To Clean Blue Light Glasses?

Cleaning your blue light glasses is a mandatory task. But, there are several ways and tips that you must follow while doing the same. Don't worry if you don't know how to clean your glasses. Here, in this article, we will guide you on the tips and measures to keep your blue light protection glasses safe and long-lasting. 

If you can't keep your glasses clean, you may not get a clear vision, mainly because of the stains and smudges on your glass. That can directly affect your eyes protection and will cause severe damage to your computer glasses. 

Before getting into the perfect cleaning techniques, let's have a look at the improper ways that we have been using to clean our blue light glasses. 

Improper Ways Of Cleaning Our Blue Light Glasses

  • Using a dirty cloth for wiping your lens
  • You may be using a harsh cleaner that scratches the protective coating. 
  • People generally don't have the habit of storing the anti-blue light glasses in the case or pouch.
  •  One mistake that all of you deliberately or accidentally make is touching the lens with dirty or oily hands. 

Now, as you know, the common mistakes that we all make unknowingly with our blue light glasses.

  Let us have a look at the dos and don'ts of cleaning blue light protection glasses. 

What Are The the Dos And Don'ts Of Blue Light Glasses

  • Wash Your Hands First 

You may think that your hands are super clean and tidy. But, so sorry! this is not the reality. You touch a thousand things from morning to night, and all the dust, dirt, or germs are not visible to the naked eyes. So, it is essential to wash your hands before cleaning your blue light glasses. Therefore your neat and clean hands will help in protecting your eyes to the fullest. 

  • Apply a gentle liquid soap 

If there are any grease stains on your glasses, it is advisable not to use any harsh liquid, dishwashing soap, or detergent as it can damage your lenses. Now, every blue light glass comes with a protective anti-glare coating, and any harsh liquid soap can easily damage it. You might be wondering then, which soap should you use? You can use a small drop of mild liquid soap, and it will be beneficial if you use the computer glass soap only to clean your glasses. In addition, make sure you don't use any soap that contains moisturizer as it can leave a residue on the lense and cause a problem in the clear vision. 

  • Don't clean or wipe it with the cloth you are wearing.

We all have a habit of cleaning our glasses with the cloth we are wearing, right? As it is the most convenient option that we get but, at the same time, it isn't the most effective option. Your clothes may carry some invisible dust particles that may leave scratches on your blue light protection glasses. Thus, it is advisable to keep a microfiber cloth for cleaning your computer glass. 

  • Do not use a window cleaner. 

Earlier, lenses used to be made of glasses and were easier to clean. Now, you'll get plastic lenses as they have a longer life and are light in weight. The plastic lenses can not be cleaned similarly to the glass ones. If you try cleaning your plastic lenses with glass cleaner or window cleaning solutions, it might result in eroding your lenses. So, what should you do? You can either use an eyeglass cleaning solution or visit any specs cleaning services to get your specs cleaned. 

  • Always use lukewarm water to rinse them. 

The foremost step is to use lukewarm water before rinsing your blue light glasses. The warm water helps to remove the unwanted dust and dirt particles. If somehow you missed using lukewarm water, the dust particles that stick to your glasses can scratch your lenses and damage them. However, both the steps are equally important. After using the lukewarm water, you must not forget to wash your lenses with a gentle soap. 

For better understanding, let's look at the most frequently asked questions about blue-light-blocking glasses. 

Frequently Asked Questions 


  •  Are blue light glasses effective? 

Yes, the blue light glasses are effective and help in protecting your eyes to a greater extent. It provides an excellent level of protection from getting your eyes damaged or experiencing symptoms like irritation in the eyes, dry eye, headache, and more. 


  • How do blue light glasses work? 

These glasses provide endless benefits as some of them are - less eye strain, improves sleep, and prevention from several eye diseases. High index lenses aren't convenient for everyone. If you are looking for the right lenses for your child, polycarbonate lenses are the most suitable choice. Also, high-index lenses are not a good match for a dark-tinted lens. 

  • Why must you wear blue light glasses? 

If you spend a significant time in front of a laptop or any digital screen, blue light glasses are a must. If you face sleep problems or any other symptoms, you must purchase blue light protection glasses  for eye protection. Other solutions are also available to protect your eyes, including limiting your blue light exposure and setting your display to night mode. However, for all the online people who devote all their time to digital screens, blue light glasses are a good option for you. 


Blue light glasses are a decent option to protect your eyes from getting weak or damaged early. It is essential to keep your glasses safe and properly also make sure not to be careless with your specs. Otherwise, you'll end up damaging or breaking them. It is a needful product in this digital world as from school to job we are doing everything online and had to sit in front of the screen for a longer time.