How to Protect Your Blue Light Blocking Glasses?


Blue light glasses of high quality are an investment that should be treated with care to ensure that they last as long as possible. They do, after all, shield you from dangerous blue light rays that can induce digital eye strain (headaches, impaired vision, dry eyes, itchy eyes) and disrupt your sleep cycle.If you properly maintain your blue light glasses, you're taking that extra step to keep your eyes healthy and your general physical health.

"Well, I know how to clean my glasses!" you might think. I wear my shirt or whatever textile I have on hand. It's not that difficult." Even though those are popular methods for cleaning glasses, whether using blue light or not, they might leave smudges and make them appear dirtier than they were before. There are far more effective techniques to clean them and reduce the risk of scratching your lenses.

The Wrong Way of Cleaning Computer Glasses 

The following are some of the most common reasons why computer glasses become smudged or smeared in the first place:

  • Using oily fingers to touch the lens inadvertently
  • Clean the lens with soiled clothes
  • Don't use abrasive cleaners that can scratch the protecting layer
  • Keep your computer glasses in their case or pouch at all times.

Cleaning Techniques That Work

When working in front of a computer, it is critical to keep computer glasses clean and smudge-free as often as possible to see more clearly and maintain eye comfort.

PC, tablet, or smartphone while also extending the computer glasses' lifespan.

Cleaning Cloth Made of Microfiber

Use the microfiber cloth that comes with your blue light blocking glasses to clean your lenses regularly. To avoid transmitting oil and debris to the computer glasses, make sure you wash and dry your hands before handling them. Examine the lenses to ensure they are in good condition. Before cleaning, without any vast particles that could damage the lenses, hold the computer glasses by the frame with one hand while wiping the screen with the other. With the microfiber towel, clean the lenses. Work in a circular motion with a bit of force until the streaks are gone. It depends on how often you feel the need to clean your computer glasses correctly for thorough cleaning. Whether it's once a day, twice a week, or once a month, It is entirely up to you and the current state of their health. There are also several methods for thoroughly deep cleaning your blue light blocking glasses, and it is essential to follow them.

It is up to you to decide what is most feasible for you. Eyeglass washing equipment, eyeglass cleaning solutions, and mild dish washes are all available.

Cleaning Solution for Eyeglasses

The most common type of eyeglass cleaning solution is a liquid or a spray. The other one is as effective, so you can choose which one you want. First, start by washing out the

water-filled computer glasses. Dry them with a microfiber towel to get rid of any dirt or dust accumulated. Apply the cleaning solution to the eyeglasses.

Both the front and the back of the lenses Avoid touching the lenses by holding them by the frame and wiping them down with the microfiber cloth. Work in a circular motion with a bit of force until the streaks are gone.

Dish Soap (Mild)

Start by rinsing your blue light blocking glasses in lukewarm water before washing them with mild dish soap. Apply a dab of soap to each lens and gently rub it in.

Move-in a circle to remove any dirt or oils. Make sure to wipe the remainder of the frame as well. Then use a microfiber or soft cotton cloth to wipe them down until dry. Hold the computer glasses by the bridge or temple to avoid smearing the lenses. If you don't want to use the blue light protection glasses right away, store them safely.

Maintaining of Blue Light Glasses

Keeping a daily "eye" on your glasses will help you keep them clean, prevent scratches, and ensure that they last as long as possible. Check them every morning as you get out of bed or every evening before you retire. If they become soiled during the day, clean them as quickly as possible.

Using a protective glasses case, in addition to cleaning them regularly, will extend the life of your blue light glasses. Don't just dump them on your bed, bathroom counter, or desk, even if it's a soft surface. You may scratch them or, worse, break them.

It would help if you also cleaned the glasses cleaning equipment because microfiber cloths gather dirt, grease, and debris that stick to your glasses. They should be washed frequently. Depending on the type, you can wash microfiber cloths by hand or in your washing machine (see the label).


Cleaning your blue light glasses may appear straightforward, but there are several factors to consider. Regardless, if you follow the methods above, your glasses will be spotless, scratch-free, and last a long time.