Save your eyes from harmful blue light with blue-light glasses

There is an ancient proverb, “Technology is a good servant but a bad master.” Unfortunately, in the existing scenario, we all fall victim to the cautioning cited in this saying. Right from the commencement of our day, we are surrounded by mobile phones, laptops, and televisions. And now, with the advent of the pandemic, all of us are left with no option but to execute all our off-screen tasks into online mode. This has worsened the situation and increased our exposure to the harmful blue light emitted from these technological devices. This light is constantly attacking the functionality of our eyes.

To prevent this problem, scientists have come up with the idea of using blue light glasses. These blue light computer glasses are specially designed to counter the effect of blue rays on our eyes. Clarte has come up with numerous ranges of blue light blocking glasses to help you shield your health. In addition, these glasses aid you in preventing persistent headaches stirring due to continuous exposure to screens. 

Why are blue-light dangerous for your eyes?

The Blue Light released from these devices generates a disparity in the level of melatonin in our body. Melatonin is a hormone accountable for making us fall asleep. This interference leads to the problems like insomnia in the future. Computer glasses prepared by Clarte deliver a very convenient and easy way out to shrink the influence of blue light exposure. It also reduces the probability of facing eye strain. 

Blue-light glasses for a better vision

The blue light glasses in South Africa are obtainable in various choices, which means that you don’t need to care about letting your style quotient go down for the sake of your eyes. You can choose the easy-to-wear glasses without any burden of taking care of them repetitively. Just wear them before switching on your screens and see how your eye problems go down to about 30 to 40%. This is a very fitting solution considering that we cannot eradicate our contact to screen at least till the existence and after-effects of Covid-19.

Reasons why blue-light glasses are necessary for your eyes

Several reasons back up the usage of blue-light glasses in this era filled with technology. Some of the most obvious reasons are, 

  • Better sleep cycle: One of the surprising reasons you should avoid digital screens is their negative effect on your sleep pattern. Blue light signals your brain to remain alert which in turn reduces your sleep, leading to insomnia. Blue-light glasses will ensure that you get proper sleep and remain healthy.
  • No discomfort with Blue-light glasses: Continuous use of digital screens might lead to a condition known as digital eye strain. This condition can be filtered out when you use blue-light glasses, which will reduce eye strain, making your eyes feel less strained. This improves productivity, and you can focus better on your work. It is also suggested that you take short breaks while using any digital screens.
  • Decreased chances of macular degeneration: While you are aging, your eyes tend to weaken up. In some cases, it can lead to partial or complete blindness. This condition is known as Age-related Macular Degeneration or AMD. By using blue-light glasses, this condition could be delayed or even avoided.



Clarte’s blue light computer glasses South Africa bids you protection with style and supreme comfort. These glasses are manufactured in compliance with the standard norms of lens making. Hence, if there is any pre-existing eye disorder, these lenses can easily be adjusted in their conformity. Moreover, Clarte takes the best care to provide you paramount service and therefore facilitates you with the best quality pouches and wipes so that you can safely store your glasses after use. Read more