Should You Buy Blue Light Glasses For Your Child?

Looking For The Right Blue Light Blocking Glasses? Here is how to pick it! 

When choosing the perfect pair of eye protection glasses, it's important to keep a few important things in mind. Here are a few key considerations you need to consider before you buy glasses for your child. 

  • Choose The Right Company 

First things first - it's important to choose the company that is reputed. A good company with a good reputation can provide you with the right pair of glasses. To make sure you choose the right company, check out the company's transparency, customer reviews, and reputation. 

Don't fall into the trap of any money-driller that claims to offer blue light glasses with 100% blocking power. Instead, opt for a company that is honest and assures you of the right results. 

The next important thing is to check out the reviews and references of past customers. Click on the website and check out the hundreds of reviews, both positive and negative. Look for the companies you feel have genuine reviews. 

Lastly, choose a company that is known to offer durable and stylish blue light kids glasses. Additionally, look at whether or not they have comprehensive ordering processes and easy-to-use return policies. 

  •  Pick The Right Colour Lens

If you search for "blue light protection glasses" online, you will find hundreds of thousands of stylish pairs. However, choosing the right one for your little one can be difficult. This is where the colour of the lens plays a vital role in making or breaking your entire choice. Here we've curated a list of different colour lenses along with the percentage of blue light blockage. 

  1. Clear lenses can block 40% of the blue light. 
  2. For 75% of blue light blockage, you can choose a yellow lens. 
  3. Orange lenses are a great way to block 99% of the blue light. 
  4. Lastly, you can pick the red lens known to block blue, green, and violet colours. 

Experts say that some blue light is good for the eyes. Therefore, make sure you know the percentage of the light blockage before buying it. You can even pick two different blue light kids glasses to reap its maximum benefits. 

  • Pick The Pair That Fits Your Lifestyle 

The next important factor you need to consider before buying the blue light protection glasses is the right fit. For instance, you can pick clear lenses if your job is to watch out for the true colours of the screens. 

Alternatively, if you want to block the maximum amount of light to protect your kid, it's better to pick a yellow colour lens. The reason is that it is known to offer maximum functionality. 

Multiple glasses are known to offer 2-in-1 functionality. They can be your best partner outside as well as inside. If picking one pair is your jam, feel free to choose the transition glasses. 

Wrap up! 

Let's face it - blue light is everywhere! Therefore, it's best to look for the right blue-light-blocking glasses to help your kid. Aside from kids, you can purchase it for yourself and reap its benefits. What else are you waiting for? Hurry up and grab the trendy and stylish blue light glasses for your loved ones.