Ways to test blue light blocking glasses at your home.

The modern era spends all of its time in front of LEDs, smartphones, and tablets, all of which increase eye pressure and decrease the sleep hormone. To solve this problem and provide total blue light protection for your eyes, we need to purchase efficient blue light blocking glasses.

  • Pigments test for blue light blocking glasses. 

The first and the foremost test we are going to discuss is the Pigments test. You can perform this test effortlessly by using a simple piece of white paper. Hold your blue light blocking glasses up to your sight and then directly stare at the white paper or a white screen. Now the warming of lenses will confide you about the efficiency of anti-blue light glasses. If the white color is warming the lens, then you must realize that it is a sign that your lens is absorbing Read moreRead moreblue light as it passes through it. 

  • Reflection Test for blue light blocking glasses. 

Another easier way to evaluate the efficiency of your blue light blocking glasses is by making use of a reflection test. You need to wear the glass and roam around where you find blue light. If the blue light glasses reflect blue light, then it is the indication that your mirror reflects some of the blue light that strikes on it. Remember, in some cases, violet or purple light pops out of the lens. This is the indication that your blue light glasses are not at all practical. 

  • Ask for Brand Spectrum Report. 

The important thing that helps you to determine whether your blue light glasses are efficient or not is by asking for a brand spectrum report. Best companies that manufacture blue light glasses in South Africa will never be afraid to send brand spectrum reports. Make sure the report indicates that at least 30% of blue light is whipped. Additionally, make sure that the report shows that the blue light glasses filter 455 nm of blue light. 

  • Squares test for blue light blocking glasses. 

Just a simple trick to check the efficiency of anti-blue light glasses is a square test. Remember this test is to be performed with night anti-blue light glasses. Put on your glass and then stare at blue and black squares. If your blue light protection glasses block the blue light entirely, then it is the most effective lens to be used at night. 


So these were some techniques that you can use to check your blue light blocking glasses. There is a broad range of blue light glasses in South Africa, so make sure you choose the best one by looking at the brand spectrum report. Remember, not all blue light protection glasses are made the same, so if you are concerned about your anti-blue light glasses and want to check whether it's appropriate or not, then you must use any of the above-mentioned techniques. Read more.