What is the Impact of Blue Light on Children's Eyes? 

Children are living in a tech-savvy world where they can take education online. They continually access laptop screens, smartphones, tablets, and many more devices. Unfortunately, constant exposure to blue light can potentially damage the eyes. 

Artificial blue light is the combination of the visible light spectrum that can disturb the sleep-wake cycle of children and adults. On the other hand, chronic blue light can affect children's health, and they are at greater risk of losing their vision. 

This is why doctors recommend wearing blue light glasses whenever anyone sits in front of a laptop and using their Smartphones. The blue light kid’s glasses are specially designed to protect the eyes of the children from the harmful effects of blue light. 

What is Blue Light? 

Blue light has the shortest wavelength with a visible spectrum and high energy. This resembles ultraviolet rays and is extremely dangerous for the eyes. If you constantly sit for hours in front of the laptop, it may damage your eyes. The kid’s eyes are more vulnerable to blue light. So, the kids need to wear anti-blue light glasses.

It helps to filter the blue light that affects the eyes. Moreover, it weakens the eyes muscles and blurs your vision too. 

What Are The Common Sources of Blue Light?

Blue light emits from the devices such as laptops, computers, smartphones, tablets, and many more. These are some of the common sources of blue light. According to the "Growing up in Australia" report generated in 2015, 60% of daily time is spent watching TVs and laptops. 

Most teenagers spend most of their time in front of laptops, computers, television, tablets, and gaming devices. These kinds of devices emit blue light. Children spend most of their quality time on desktops with changing lifestyles and virtual study patterns. 

Children’s eyes are very sensitive to blue light—the high energy coming from blue light damages the eye's pupil. In addition, constant exposure to blue light may affect brain development and cardiac rhythm. 

The blue light glasses help to filter the light and keep the eyes cool. Moreover, it doesn't cause strain on the eyes and acts as a protection shield. This is why it is advised to wear blue light kid's glasses to protect eyes from the harmful effect of blue light. 

Make sure your kids wear anti-blue light glasses when they sit to study or play games on the laptop. It helps to keep them away from the impact of blue light. 

What Are the Impacts of Blue Light On Kids

Exposure to blue light can hurt children. It may create the problem of headaches and affect vision. If your children spend most of the time in front of laptops, smartphones, and TV, then they may face health issues like: 

Disturbance in Sleep and Wake Cycle

You may have seen that children spend an enormous amount of time using smartphones and laptops at night. The blue light coming from the devices disturbs the production of the hormone "melatonin," which makes us asleep. This is why we stay awake for longer at night. This is the reason it affects the sleep and wake cycle of people. 

Learning Difficulty 

Blue light exposure for long hours can affect the learning power. It disturbs the production of melatonin and creates sleep deprivation. The poor quality of sleep creates difficulty in concentration. This, in turn, affects the learning power of the kids. Poor sleep can also affect the brain's functioning, which further leads to serious health issues. 

Prolonged exposure to blue light is the prime culprit of low grades. So, you need to minimize the use of the laptop or Smartphone. In addition to this, do ensure that your kids wear blue-light-blocking glasses. It helps to block the blue light and protect your eyes. 

Eyes Health 

Did you ever notice your child rubbing their eyes and having a blurry vision? It also results in headaches and irritates the eyes. The blue light may be the real culprit. It deeply penetrates the eyes and affects the retina. If you use smartphones and devices, it may strain the eyes. Constant exposure to blue light can affect eyesight and result in myopia or nearsightedness. 

How to Reduce the Blue Light Exposure? 

Continuous exposure to blue light can impact the health of the kids. Therefore, you need to reduce your exposure to blue light and keep your eyes protected. Here are some of the solutions to reduce exposure to blue light. Let's have a look. 

Wear Anti-Blue Light Glasses 

If you want to reduce the kids' exposure to blue light, ensure that your children wear the blue light kid’s glasses. The anti-blue light glass has the potential to block the blue light. Therefore, whenever your kids use laptops for long hours, tell them to wear these blue light glasses

Restrict Screen Time 

The best way to protect your kids from the harmful effect of blue light is to restrict screen time. Alternatively, ask your kids to wear blue light glasses. This helps to keep them protected from the impact of blue light. In addition to this, you can build a healthy habit and tell your kids about the harmful effects of using such devices. 

Final Thoughts 

Chronic exposure to blue light can damage the eyes of the kids. The blue light emitting from the screen has a shorter wavelength, directly impacting the eyes. Therefore, it is advised to wear blue light glasses whenever you sit in front of the laptop. In addition to this, you can limit the time of exposure to the screens. This helps to deal with the ill effect of blue light.